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Elektrim Motors designs and manufactures AC NEMA and Metric IEC motors up to 6300 HP in state-of-the-art ISO 9001 quality systems around the world.  Our enthusiasm for electric motors and commitment to exacting standards mean that Elektrim motors are some of the finest, longest lasting and best performing in the industry.  Elektrim Motors are field proven powerhouses, built to perform where others fail.


More Changes, Less Loopholes:  

A Look at the Latest Efficiency Changes

The latest round of energy efficiency regulations apply the standards currently in place to a wider scope of electric motors, and close most loopholes and exceptions after enacting EISA 2007 in late 2010. With this latest update, electric motors previously covered under the Medium Electric Motor Rule to meet EPAct standards but not premium efficiency (subtype II) after December 19, 2010 will now need to increase to NEMA Premium standards (MG 1-2011 Table 12-12) effective June 1, 2016.


Motors Subject to the Revised Standard Effective 6/1/16

General Purpose Electric Motors (subtype II) means any electric motor incorporating the design elements of a general purpose electric motor (subtype I) that are configured as one of the following:

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Posted on:  January 14, 2015

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U-Frame Motors

NEMA Design C Motors up to 200HP

Close Coupled Pump Motors

Footless Motors

Vertical Solid Shaft Normal Thrust Motor (as tested in a horizontal configuration)

8-Pole Motors (900 rpm)

Don't forget that the Small Motors Rule goes into effective on March 9, 2015!


Efficiency Requirements Over the Last 25 Years

Is it just me or is it getting hard to keep up with the ever-changing efficiency legislation? Over the past two decades, a variety of legislation has increased the federal minimum motor efficiencies requirements covering motors both manufactured and imported for sale in the United States. Here are the highlights:

Poly-Phase Motor with voltage of not more than 600 volts (other than 230 or 460 volts)

Design A & B Motors from 201 - 500HP

Integral Brake Motors

What does this mean for some users in the marketplace?

When EISA went into effect in late 2010, many manufacturers who were unable to develop quality premium efficient motors took advantage of the Design C loophole in order to keep their existing less-expensive EPAct motors on the marketplace.  Whether these motors fully met Design C torque standards was hotly debated in the marketplace.  The new Medium Electric Motor Rule aims to close that loophole, and users of these motors will need to upgrade to the more costly premium motors.  In contrast, Elektrim Motor users who already made the transition to premium can rest easy knowing that their NEMA T/TC Frame, pump, brake and other motors will not be effected by this legislation.  Elektrim was among a few other leading brands who committed to a full line of premium efficiency motors from the onset.  

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