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Elektrim Motors is a trademark and business unit of Toolmex Industrial Solutions

Elektrim Motors designs and manufactures AC NEMA and Metric IEC motors up to 6300 HP in state-of-the-art ISO 9001 quality systems around the world.  Our enthusiasm for electric motors and commitment to exacting standards mean that Elektrim motors are some of the finest, longest lasting and best performing in the industry.  Elektrim Motors are field proven powerhouses, built to perform where others fail.


575V Motors and Other Non-Standard Voltages

Quick and Easy Voltage Flexibility for NEMA and Metric IEC Electric 60 Hz and 50Hz Motors

575 Volt 60Hz Motors are re-rated from stock models in Chicago Warehouse to 575V in as little as (1) business day

Additional Supply Voltages for 60 Hz or 50 Hz NEMA and Metric Electric Motors available upon request:

208V 60Hz

230V 60Hz

380V 60Hz

460V 60Hz

480V 60Hz

400V 60Hz

600V 60Hz

796V 60Hz

575V 60Hz

200V 50Hz

220V 50Hz

240V 50Hz

250V 50Hz

230V 50Hz

190V 50Hz

330V 50Hz

380V 50Hz

415V 50Hz

420V 50Hz

400V 50Hz

500V 50Hz

525V 50Hz

440V 50Hz

660V 50Hz

690V 50Hz

720V 50Hz

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